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If you wanna try something new in 2018, how about joining us for 'Oklahoma'? Act, sing, dance, make tea, help back… https://t.co/IUVEf4P6nN
RT @KingdomFMNews: We're one of the only independent radio stations in Scotland, which means we can set our own news agenda. If you're a h…
Delighted that we’ve had approaches already from 5 Glenrothes SMEs to our sponsorship proposal. We’d still love a few more.
Whether it's £50 or £500, we'd love to partner with some local businesses in tailoring sponsorship packages for our… https://t.co/wtG1hbd52g
RT @cortinadave: @GraemeShield @kingdomfm @ACGlenrothes Thanks Graeme. Some real characters there so it makes great radio, and hopefully it…