The objects of the Association shall be to advance the education of the public in the Arts, in particular
Musical and Dramatic Arts, by the presentation of public performances and other related activities and in
furtherance thereof to present at least one musical production each year.


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List of Honorary Life Members

The G.A.M.A. Constitution

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If you wanna try something new in 2018, how about joining us for 'Oklahoma'? Act, sing, dance, make tea, help back… https://t.co/IUVEf4P6nN
RT @KingdomFMNews: We're one of the only independent radio stations in Scotland, which means we can set our own news agenda. If you're a h…
Delighted that we’ve had approaches already from 5 Glenrothes SMEs to our sponsorship proposal. We’d still love a few more.
Whether it's £50 or £500, we'd love to partner with some local businesses in tailoring sponsorship packages for our… https://t.co/wtG1hbd52g
RT @cortinadave: @GraemeShield @kingdomfm @ACGlenrothes Thanks Graeme. Some real characters there so it makes great radio, and hopefully it…